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Jethro's MCOA Gold Health Award

Below is the health testing Jethro has had done, begining at sixteen months of age: 

AKC DNA Profile # V601975

OFA Hips - Good MF-8213G24M-VPI


Penn Hip - Hips tighter than 90% of the mastiffs  Left DI - .34, Right DI - .33    .30 being the measure

Elbows - Normal MF-EL4789M24-VPI


Shoulders - Normal MF-SH70M24-VPI

Patellar Luxation - MF-PA 2143/16 M/P-PI


Congenital Cardiac Disease -MF-CA 2226/16 M/P-PI

von Willebrand Factor  vWF:Ag: 117%  Normal - clear for the vWD Trait

  CMRI Test:  11-1134 - Normal/Clear  2/23/11
PRA Test:  11-1134 - Homozygous Normal  2/23/11   Thyroid:  MF-TH1221/16M-VPI No evidence of thyroid disease was recognized.
Cerf # MF-347010   Vet Gen  69155 - negative for Fluffy Coat Gene

Negative - 3948 - 3/15/2012


UPenn NP Cystinuria: 3948/29/Negative

UPenn Cystinuria DNA Marker: 1-1/32

DNA test - DM  (Degenerative Myelopathy) Result:  Normal - AMGL Case #: 83148 dated 5/18/11   We have also donated blood to the Chic DNA Repository for Jethro.  His DNA bank number is MF-DNA-160/B

Pictured above winning his Grand CH title Canfield, OH  August 2011

Jethro is pictured above winning 'SELECT' in Canfield, OH at nine months of age

Above is Jethro winning his first BOB on January 28, 2011

Members MCOA ,     Lifetime Midwest Mastiff Fanciers ,     Canadian Mastiff Club ,    Western Reserve Kennel Club ,   Mastiff Club Of Nothern Ohio